Jewellery is a favourite adornment for women. Indian women are particularly fond of necklaces. Necklaces can be made of different metals and precious stones. Diamond and gold necklaces are very popular. Khanna Jewels  is an online store that features excellent collection of diamond necklaces. Necklaces also have cultural significance. Married Indian women need to wear necklaces all the time as necklaces are considered to be sacred adornment that protects the marriage. Gold and diamond necklaces have been worn by women of all religions and ages. […]

Necklace is the ornament that produces the most personal impact and keeps you happy at all occasions. Diamond necklaces have been eternal favourites- a timeless piece of jewellery. Wearing this accessory has not only cultural value but also a style quotient. For instance in India, married women have to wear the necklace called as Mangalsutra as per religious tradition. But today even unmarried young women wear necklaces for aesthetic value. Flatter your appearance with gold and diamond necklaces from Khanna Jewels. The contemporary collection at […]

Diamond….this is something loved by most of US girls next to the parents. Not all accessories and jewels give the special striking and spectacular look for girls or women. They come in few and diamond necklaces hold the first position in the list. It is the single jewel that comes in the dreams of most of the women in US. We at Queen Jewels being the reputed and loved online diamond store in the country take herculean efforts to bring your dreams to lights. Yes, […]

Wedding is the great day in the life of every woman. This is the day that blooms thousands of flowers with tons of colors in the heart of women. Yes, their heart gets filled with loads of joy and happiness filled with expectations and emotions and supported with commitments and promises. If you heard your wedding bell ringing, then in the next moment, you will look for the precious diamond jewels for the great day. Your neck wear plays the dominant role in showering the […]

Diamond Necklaces are a traditional and universal adornment for women. They enhance the allure of a woman and add to the beauty of her swan like neck. But necklaces are not only beautiful accessories; they have a huge cultural value in India. Necklaces are symbols of marriage and a married woman with a bare neck is considered inauspicious. Sacred necklace called as the Mangalsutra is tied by the groom around the neck of his bride during the wedding ceremony. Thereafter, every married woman is expected […]

A diamond necklace is an ornament that makes a great impact and keeps you in good spirits, whatever is the occasion. Since ancient times, women have been using necklaces for leaving an indelible fashion statement wherever they go. Check the latest diamond necklace designs at Khanna jewels. Using a necklace as an accessory not only has cultural value but is also a reflection of style. Flatter your personality with a gold necklace or a gold and diamond necklace. Diamonds are loved by women everywhere.  Khanna […]

Jewellery is a universal adornment for women. Without jewellery, women are regarded as incomplete, especially in Indian culture. The most popular accessories for women are necklaces. Necklaces enhance the beauty of women. They also have sacred value. Wearing a sacred necklace called Mangalsutra by women is considered vital for protecting marriage and long life of their husbands. Among necklaces, diamond necklaces are much prized for their sparkle and everlasting value. Diamonds are timeless, eternal, and the king of the jewellery market. Gold and diamond necklaces […]

Diamond Jewellery is an essential adornment for women since ages. Especially in India, a woman is considered incomplete without Jewellery. Necklaces add to the beauty of a woman and necklaces also have cultural significance. Wearing a necklace is regarded as a sacred act, especially for married women. The entire adornment of a woman is regarded as a waste without wearing a necklace. Gold and diamond necklaces are worn by women of all ages, since ancient times. Buy diamond gold necklace online. Khanna Jewels are involved […]

Diamond Jewellery is an essential part of the adornment of women. Women particularly look incomplete without a necklace. In India, necklaces have cultural and religious significance with a necklace propitiating gods and goddesses like Parvati, the goddess of marriage. Diamond and gold necklaces have been worn by women of all religions from ancient times. The eternal quality of diamonds makes for timeless jewellery used to symbolize love and commitment. Khanna Jewels is an online diamond jewellery store featuring a scintillating collection of diamond necklaces. Each […]

Diamond Necklaces are a favorites adornment of women. They are worn to add grace and beauty to the neck. Diamond necklaces are the stuff of every woman’s dreams. Necklaces also have cultural value. Married Hindu women have to wear the Mangalsutra necklace on a daily basis for the success and longevity of their marriage. It is a sacred necklace which a groom ties around the neck of his bride, propitiating the goddess of marriage, Parvati. Diamond chokers are also worn by women of all religions […]

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