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A woman’s adornment is incomplete without necklace. Necklaces are these subtle pieces of jewellery which are considered essential for completing one’s look. Diamond necklace for women speaks of luxurious pattern evoking a unique style statement. Close to women’s heart, diamond gels in well with any kind of apparel and is ideal to be worn in any occasion. There are myriad design and patterns available with Khanna Jewels Co. (KJC) that vouch for impeccable quality and a mesmerizing look. Find some of the exquisite collection neatly […]

Necklaces adorn the neck in the most magnificent manner. Epitomizing feminism in a regal manner, necklaces are a part and parcel of every jewel piece. Diamond necklaces further enhance its glory and glamour. Range of options in terms of designs and patterns are available at reputed store Queens Jewels Inc. Diamond Necklaces- Huge varieties of diamond necklaces create a scintillating effect. Diamond necklaces symbolize timeless beauty which adorn the neck in a the most sophisticated manner. Patterns such as Y shaped solitaire studs and diamond […]

Necklace is the adornment of a lady. No matter whatever attire one wears, until and unless there is a good piece of necklace to adorn the neck, the entire look is incomplete. With plethora of diamond necklace designs being available in online stores such as the Queens Jewels Inc. one can get a piece as per one’s choice and desire. Some of the latest design patterns which are offered in the present times are as follows: • Diamond necklace with a unique appeal- Diamond necklace […]

People of all genders love experimenting with fashion – some prefer having a simple and comfortable wardrobe while some love playing with colours and bold colours that gives them a sharp, edgy but different look. One thing that would be common amongst the women of these two groups would their fascination with sparkling, clear and precisely cut diamonds. There are waves of thrill a woman experiences when she first wears or spots someone else wearing small diamonds in the form of nose pins or pendants. […]

Nothing is more prized than diamond necklaces for women. These sparkling diamond pieces of jewellery add to the beauty and allure of women. Khanna Jewels realize how precious your diamond necklaces are for women. Diamond necklaces are available in several basic styles, which have different looks and feel. One must consider the different types of diamond necklaces before deciding to buy a particular piece to ensure that you buy the right type of women’s diamond necklace. Factors determining what you buy are your body type, […]

Stand in front of your mirror. Ask yourself how your neck looks in the absence of any kind of jewelry. The answer is, “plain and unattractive.” Now, place an ordinary necklace around your neck. Does it make a difference? Of course, it does; your neck looks much better now! You may imagine the impact you will make on others if you replace this ordinary necklace with a diamond necklace for women procured from a reputed jeweler like Queen Jewels Inc. or others. Queen’s store offers […]

Just as facial makeup appears flawless via skilful mix-and-match combinations of varied cosmetics, your neck and ears acquire a rare beauty via the elegant combinations of necklace and earrings. Charming diamond of  necklace sets designs are on display at various jewelry stores, including Queen Jewels Inc. You should really peruse them sometime. No one knows the shape of your neck better than you do! True, the length of the average white gold or yellow gold diamond necklace created by skilled artists at Queen’s store, varies between […]

Necklaces add to the beauty of women, lying delicately around their slender and swan like throats. Traditionally popular designs of necklaces are made of gold and diamond. India was a land rich with gold and gem stones since ancient times and so a tradition of gold and diamond jewellery has been in since then. Few accessories worn by women are as arresting and spectacular as a gold and diamond necklace design. Traditional favourite is yellow gold but white gold diamond necklace design is climbing the […]

It does not matter if you are from the East or the West; a ‘neck’ that is encircled by a charming adornment acquires a rare beauty that is hard to beat. In fact, this attraction even becomes reflected on your face. Onlookers are bound to be impressed. Bearing this in mind, take some time to browse the array of diamond necklace designs on display at Queen Jewels Inc. and other equally reputed stores. They are arranged in five categories. Unique Diamond Necklaces: You may prefer […]

One ornament that makes a great impact on the style statement of a woman is a diamond necklace. Nothing better to blow everyone away than a gold necklace with a diamond pendant! Traditionally, diamond pendants paired with yellow gold ruled the day. But nowadays, diamond pendants with white gold necklaces are fast growing popular. Wearing a gorgeous diamond pendant necklace in white gold will electrify everyone. Khanna Jewels showcases a big collection of diamond pendant necklaces in white gold. There is a selection of diamond […]

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