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A diamond necklace is worth a million and which woman doesn’t love it? If you are a fashion maniac then you must own it. We have a wide range of diamond necklaces for women and we are sure you ladies will love them. We at Queen Jewels know how essential jewelry is for you and that’s why we have special boxes too accompanying the pieces. Each ornament has a beauty of its own. Our collection features different types of necklaces that will attract you and […]

An ornament that adorns you and beautifies you on a daily basis is a necklace. Since centuries diamond necklaces have been used as statements of style and status. Accessorizing with diamond necklaces is not only a cultural phenomenon but also a major fashion statement. Queen Jewels Inc (QJI) is an online store that features an extensive and exclusive collection of diamond jewelry like diamond necklaces. The types of designs at the site include diamond strings, diamond colliers, and diamond gemstone sets. Diamond gemstone sets at […]

Necklace set has always been in demand as a must have jewelry in a women’s treasure box. Adding an angle of luxury to it, diamond studded necklaces create the perfect aura apt to be worn on occasions such as weddings. Queens Jewels Inc. offers umpteen designer diamond necklace sets in myriad patterns and designs. From sultry pieces to bold statement chunks, every type can be found in our collection. We delve with diamond 14k gold necklace earrings sets certified from reputed labs ensuring that quality […]

Necklace is a common jewel piece which is found in every woman’s jewelry box. An adornment for the neck, necklaces exemplifies the beauty manifold. A simple necklace can give a sultry appeal while a complete set with matching ear piece designs vouches for a glamorous quotient. Whatever, be the case, necklaces undoubtedly create a magic and any adornment is incomplete without this oomph factored jewel. Queens Jewels Inc. offers motley varieties of diamond string necklaces which are difficult to resist. Though necklaces are available in […]

Necklaces……! The real wonder that nestles the necks with real beauty…! Necks are one of the most beautiful parts of your body. It acts as the fantastic bridge that connects top of body with rest. Decorate your neck with something special that gives extra sexual and sensational looks. It is all look that make everyone to love you. We at Khanna Jewellers really know the jewel dreams of present women and hence bring stunning designs weaved from the dreams. Diamonds have the magical healing power […]

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