Adorn your neck with latest Necklace designs

Necklace is the adornment of a lady. No matter whatever attire one wears, until and unless there is a good piece of necklace to adorn the neck, the entire look is incomplete. With plethora of diamond necklace designs being available in online stores such as the Queens Jewels Inc. one can get a piece as per one’s choice and desire.

Some of the latest design patterns which are offered in the present times are as follows:

• Diamond necklace with a unique appeal- Diamond necklace can be customized to get a classic traditional look or a more contemporary modern appeal. Elegant single diamond necklace is one option while complicated and sophisticated patterns such as entangles are another option. Diamonds ranging from 5 carats to 50 carats can be used which are intrinsically cut in either round, square or princess cut pattern to get a dazzling effect. Cut diamonds with polish finish (be it small pointers or solitaires) encrusted in white gold helps to get a unique design of necklace that is simply outstanding.

• Diamond necklace sets- Sets which have a matching design and pattern of pendants and earrings is a glam option. Design patterns such as flowers, teardrops, square, pear shape and ovals can be selected for a rich appeal. Sets symbolize a complete look and hence are usually preferred in most of the social occasion. With prices starting from $999, one can get a diamond set suiting one’s choice as well as one’s budget demand.

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• Diamond Gemstone sets- What can be more glamorizing than the diamond sets which are perfectly completed with varied hues of precious gemstones? Yes, one can go for a range of options such as ruby red, pink tourmaline, gorgeous amethyst, greenish emerald and royal opal to name a few. Ruby and diamond necklace and earrings are quite popular these days as they can be worn with traditional as well as modern attire alike. Apart from gemstones, one can also opt for hued diamonds such as the black diamond necklace which can set a style statement for itself.

• Diamond Strings- Also known as tennis necklace, the diamond strings is a good jewel item that can be easily worn on a daily basis. Studded in yellow or white gold and encrusted with gemstones in addition to diamonds, diamond strings defines glamor in a regal manner. Metals ranging from 14K to 18K can be used for fabricating this necklace as the designs easily gets set on such weights.

• Diamond Colliers- Popularly known as chokers, diamond colliers are a good choice for those who love neck hugging patterns. Embracing collar bones, these are usually smaller in length as compared to the other counterparts are heavy in nature featuring the signature style of colliers.

With such options, one can select a particular type depending on the occasion or the theme of party. Each one is different and has a unique charm. All such designs can be availed from online reputed store Queen’s Jewels Inc. or one can order as per one’s desire that vouches for high quality certification along with affordable price range.

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