Amazing necklace designs

A woman’s adornment is incomplete without necklace. Necklaces are these subtle pieces of jewellery which are considered essential for completing one’s look. Diamond necklace for women speaks of luxurious pattern evoking a unique style statement. Close to women’s heart, diamond gels in well with any kind of apparel and is ideal to be worn in any occasion. There are myriad design and patterns available with Khanna Jewels Co. (KJC) that vouch for impeccable quality and a mesmerizing look. Find some of the exquisite collection neatly segregated into categories-

• Diamond Gold Necklaces- Gold has always been the primary ingredient of any jewel. Casting together diamonds with gold, gives exemplary designs of diamond gold necklaces that are form perfect diamond necklace designs for wedding. Gold necklace designs can vary from subtle elegant patterns to sophisticated heavy designs. They are ideal to be worn with traditional outfits. Women’s gold diamond necklaces are trend setters which can be got by modifying the simple gold necklaces with a tinge of diamond effect.

• Diamond White gold necklaces- The rising popularity of white gold has carved a different place for itself. It glamorizes the opulence of the diamonds and compliments it in a regal manner. The reflection of glaze is levied with a layer of white gold. Umpteen patterns are offered by in 10K, 14K and 18K settings. Combination of yellow and white gold also paves the path for a unique kind of appeal.


• Diamond necklace sets- A necklace is incomplete without a matching pair of earrings. Diamond necklace sets gives a complete look. Usually, designer sets are the ones in demand. Different quality and cuts of diamonds such as square, round, oval, pear and princess cut can be tried out. Solitaire pattern necklace sets are another collection at Khanna Jewellers which speaks of elegance of the bygone era. Vouching for a different kind of look, cuts and shape of diamond in solitaire patterns highlights the appeal of such kind of diamond necklace sets.

• Diamond Gemstone sets- To give your necklace a vibrant feel, try out the diamond gemstone set collection offered by Khanna Jewels. Various kinds of gemstones can be encrusted along with diamonds to give a ravishing look. Gemstones have different significance such as it can mean a birthstone or lucky charm for one, or can be a pure colored ornate for others. Gemstones such as ruby, pearls, emeralds, sapphire, tourmaline, opal and topaz can be tried on along with diamonds to get the set of one’s choice and whims. Women’s black diamond necklace is another option that is simply mesmerizing.

• Diamond Solitaire strings- If elegance is your style then diamond strings are your perfect choice. Solitaire strings evoke a grace which is ideal for an elegant look. Handcrafted diamond solitaires are selected which are sewn together to get the diamond solitaire diamond strings pattern. This can be worn with traditional as well as modern outfits alike.

• Diamond chokers and colliers- Inspired by the look from the royal time, diamond chokers appeals the neck from collar bone to chin. Studded with diamonds, colliers aptly form the heavy design pattern which carries out well for occasions and festivities.

Select your adorning diamond necklace only at at the most reasonable prices and flaunt a look that you are worthy of.

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