An Amazing collection of Diamond White gold necklaces

Diamond necklaces shimmering around the neck give an extra dimension to women’s beauty. Gold, silver and gemstones go into the making of the traditional Indian necklaces. Rich in gold and gemstones from antiquity, India nurtures a vibrant custom of gold and diamond jewellery.

Among the jewellery adorned by Indian women, the most spectacular is the gold and diamond necklace. The yellow gold-diamond combination is the traditional favourite but diamond white gold necklaces are gradually and surely climbing the popularity charts.

Khanna Jewels Co (KJC) presents numerous designs of diamond cut white gold necklaces. These are eternal like diamonds. Khanna Jewellers chooses the finest of diamonds so that the customers wearing them keep shining night and day. A top retailer in diamond jewellery including diamond necklaces, KJC offers high quality diamond necklaces at the most competitive prices.

KJC’s diamond necklaces are the stuff of your fantasies. These include white gold necklaces with pendants of designs like heart shaped, butterfly, square or a circle shaped pendent. White gold necklaces can be small, heavy, chokers or colliers, strings, and diamond gemstone combinations. The prices of white gold necklaces begin from Rs 50,000 and move upwards.


Khanna Jewels presents an exquisite variety of diamond and gemstone necklaces. The combinations consist of diamonds with sapphires, emeralds, rubies, or pearls. Some necklaces may have semi-precious stones like opal, garnet, topaz and aquamarine. also presents exclusive jewellery sets comprising diamond necklace white gold chain with matching earrings, finger rings and bracelets. These are designed primarily for the bridal and wedding collections. Black diamond white gold necklace and diamond solitaire white gold necklace form a part of the special necklaces.

Customers can order matching earrings as well as bracelets to meet their tastes. The designer white gold sets are crafted artistically. Thus, the customers can have an elite collection that will amaze everybody on the wedding day, and after that, on every special occasion.

Diamond string necklaces have a number of diamonds woven in strings. So it is expensive. But KJC offers string diamond necklaces at very reasonable prices. Now, you too can join the ranks of Princess Diana and Elizabeth Taylor by sporting diamond string necklaces.

The rich and the famous wear diamond colliers, chokers or neck bands. Khanna Jewellers presents a select collection of opulent chokers, which proclaim your style and status. White gold is available in 10 k, 14 k or 18k and Diamond and gold necklaces can have gemstones ranging from 0.2 to 5 carats and

KJC necklaces are certified and hallmarked to ensure the quality of the gold and precious stones used. Shopping at KJC is thus free of risk. It is also convenient. Customers can navigate through the site from the comfort of their home and see all the products listed in the categories. They can pay online payment easily through secured gateways that ensure a secure transaction. The credit card or net banking information of the clients is deleted instantaneously after the completion of the transaction. No details of the net banking or credit card transactions are made available to a third party.

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