“Bridal jewelry Set“ Explore World Trending Diamond Necklace

A necklace is an ornament loved by women since ages. Women have been leaving indelible fashion footprints by wearing beautiful necklaces. Decking up in a necklace is not only culturally significant but also an immense fashion statement.

Diamond necklaces are the most loved types of necklaces. Diamonds are eternal and diamond necklaces can be used to communicate timeless love. Queen Jewels Inc (QJI) is an online store that retails fine diamond jewelry like diamond necklace for women.

Enhance your sense of style by wearing a diamond necklace. Impress everyone with contemporary designs like hip hop jewelry or solitaire string necklaces. Inspired by contemporary trends, QJI features iconic designs of necklaces to satisfy the fashion conscious women in the world.

We realized how crucial your jewelry box is to you and that it is incomplete without a stunning diamond necklace which can complement an evening gown or A Little Black dress. Whether you are choosing to wear for a special festival party, wedding or anniversary, a diamond necklace will all add to your allure and beauty.

For every occasion that you can think of, we at QJI have custom diamond necklace designs to suit all tastes and temperaments. Major types of diamond necklaces are: diamond necklace set, plain diamond necklace, diamond gemstone sets, diamond chokers, Diamond Solitaire Necklace and diamond strings.


When you are investing in a diamond necklace, you may be worried about the quality of diamonds. But while shopping at QJI, you need not harbor such worries. We sell diamonds of flawless clarity, perfect cut, vibrant color and a range of carats.

Indulge in your utmost dreams and fantasies with our eternally precious diamond necklaces. We have a dazzling range of diamond necklaces with pendants of different shapes like heart shape, butterfly shape, circle diamonds etc.

Diamond gemstone sets are one of the most popular items at QJI. Catch everyone’s eyes and turn everyone’s heads with our breathtaking collection of diamond gemstone necklace sets encrusted with radiant rubies, luscious pearls, amazing amethysts, beautiful blue and pink sapphires and elegant emeralds.

Diamond necklace sets consist of matching sets of diamond necklaces, diamond earrings and diamond bracelets. They make for excellent items for bridal and wedding collection. One can also get sets made according to your taste and budget.

solitaire diamonds  necklace

Diamond strings consist of strings made of series of solitaire diamonds of same size and shape, arranged in a string format. As such they are expensive and usually worn by the rich and famous. But QJI sells diamond strings at reasonable prices.

Diamond chokers and colliers are diamond necklaces in form of collar shape, hugging the neck closely. They are studded with numerous diamonds. They are liked by the bold and the beautiful.

Though diamond necklaces in the market are expensive, QJI provides discount diamond necklaces. Our retail prices are as good as market wholesale prices. This is possible as we bypass middle men while sourcing raw material, creating jewelry and selling directly to online customers.

We also have a team of craftsmen who keep tabs on the fresh trends in the jewelry market. So welcome to QJI for peerless designs at matchless prices.

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