Buy Diamond Gold Choker Online at Affordable Price India

Diamond Necklaces are a favorites adornment of women. They are worn to add grace and beauty to the neck. Diamond necklaces are the stuff of every woman’s dreams.

Necklaces also have cultural value. Married Hindu women have to wear the Mangalsutra necklace on a daily basis for the success and longevity of their marriage. It is a sacred necklace which a groom ties around the neck of his bride, propitiating the goddess of marriage, Parvati.

Diamond chokers are also worn by women of all religions as they are elegant and fashionable. The beauty of diamonds enhances the allure of women.

Khanna Jewels is an online store that features an excellent collection of diamond gold choker online India at KJ. understands the obsession of women with diamonds and has a diverse collection of diamond jewelry.

Diamonds have an eternal sparkle and so are regarded as symbols of romance and commitment. Diamond jewellery is thus coveted for bridal and wedding collection.

KJ features innumerable designs of diamond necklaces. The major types are diamond solitaire strings, diamond chokers and colliers, diamond white gold necklaces, diamond yellow gold necklaces, diamond gemstone necklaces and diamond necklace sets.


Diamond choker designs

Diamond choker necklaces are a scintillating design. Chokers or colliers are so called as they are neck bands hugging the neck tightly like a collar that appears to choke. They are studded with many diamonds which are encrusted in different patterns along its width. They are set in yellow and white gold of 14k and 18k.

Diamond chokers are usually quite expensive as they feature many diamonds and have been the preserve of the rich and famous. But KJ sells this item at very reasonable rates.

We can do this because we follow wholesale –retail policy, by sourcing precious material and diamonds from global manufacturing hubs and converting them into jewellery in our own factory. This is sold directly to online customers at low prices as we avoid middlemen and save on showroom costs.

Diamond chokers make for a bold fashion statement. They enhance the beauty of all attires like a silk Sari or an evening gown. They convey images of class and elegance.

Diamond chokers may also feature gemstones. The sparkle of diamonds is combined with the brilliance of red rubies, elegant emeralds, luscious pearls and lovely blue and pink sapphires. This colourful collection is ideal for wedding and bridal collection. Top picks in this range are Diamond Ruby 14k Solid gold Wedding Choker and Diamond 2.25 ct Blue Sapphire 14k gold Wedding Choker.

Best Collection of Diamond Choker at Affordable price

Some chokers also feature semi-precious stones like corals, garnets, aquamarines, amethysts, Topaz, tourmaline etc. They add to the vibrancy of diamonds in the chokers. Buy diamond choker cheap price.

Diamond chokers also come in sets that feature matching earrings and bracelets. One can get a set designed according to your taste and requirements in consultation with our craftsmen. When you are investing in chokers featuring lots of diamonds, you may be very worried about the quality of diamonds. But if you buy from, you can rest assured that diamonds are of top notch quality like perfect cut and flawless clarity.

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