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Necklace is the ornament that produces the most personal impact and keeps you happy at all occasions. Diamond necklaces have been eternal favourites- a timeless piece of jewellery. Wearing this accessory has not only cultural value but also a style quotient. For instance in India, married women have to wear the necklace called as Mangalsutra as per religious tradition. But today even unmarried young women wear necklaces for aesthetic value. Flatter your appearance with gold and diamond necklaces from Khanna Jewels. The contemporary collection at […]

Wedding is the great day in the life of every woman. This is the day that blooms thousands of flowers with tons of colors in the heart of women. Yes, their heart gets filled with loads of joy and happiness filled with expectations and emotions and supported with commitments and promises. If you heard your wedding bell ringing, then in the next moment, you will look for the precious diamond jewels for the great day. Your neck wear plays the dominant role in showering the […]

Diamond Necklaces are a traditional and universal adornment for women. They enhance the allure of a woman and add to the beauty of her swan like neck. But necklaces are not only beautiful accessories; they have a huge cultural value in India. Necklaces are symbols of marriage and a married woman with a bare neck is considered inauspicious. Sacred necklace called as the Mangalsutra is tied by the groom around the neck of his bride during the wedding ceremony. Thereafter, every married woman is expected […]

Diamond Necklaces are a favorites adornment of women. They are worn to add grace and beauty to the neck. Diamond necklaces are the stuff of every woman’s dreams. Necklaces also have cultural value. Married Hindu women have to wear the Mangalsutra necklace on a daily basis for the success and longevity of their marriage. It is a sacred necklace which a groom ties around the neck of his bride, propitiating the goddess of marriage, Parvati. Diamond chokers are also worn by women of all religions […]

An ornament that makes you look beautiful all the time is a necklace. Adorning the neck, a necklace makes you look particularly graceful. A diamond necklace is adored by women everywhere. Accessorizing with a diamond necklace not only makes a bold fashion statement but also has cultural value. Bare necks of women are neither fashionable nor auspicious. Indian women consider necklaces as sacred adornment that is a symbol of their marital status. Married women are required to regularly wear necklaces and pendants called as the […]

A necklace is one ornament that keeps you smiling at all occasions. Since ages, diamond necklaces have adorned the neck of women who leave an indelible fashion foot print in their lives. Wearing a necklace as an accessory has not only cultural value but also makes a big fashion statement. Beautify your personality with diamond and gold necklace- be it, yellow gold, white gold or rose gold. Diamond jewellery is a universal favourite with women. Khanna Jewels is an online store that features an excellent […]

Agreed, conventional necklaces are more comfortable than chokers or colliers. However, some kinds of traditional or classic attire may acquire greater aesthetic appeal via the addition of the latter rather than the former. Whenever you are free, just walk into Queen Jewels Inc. or similar jewelry stores, and peruse the diamond choker necklace sets on display there. It is better to refer to this kind of an adornment as collier, instead of choker; the latter gives the impression that the jeweled piece is almost strangling […]

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