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Necklaces adorn the neck in the most magnificent manner. Epitomizing feminism in a regal manner, necklaces are a part and parcel of every jewel piece. Diamond necklaces further enhance its glory and glamour. Range of options in terms of designs and patterns are available at reputed store Queens Jewels Inc. Diamond Necklaces- Huge varieties of diamond necklaces create a scintillating effect. Diamond necklaces symbolize timeless beauty which adorn the neck in a the most sophisticated manner. Patterns such as Y shaped solitaire studs and diamond […]

People of all genders love experimenting with fashion – some prefer having a simple and comfortable wardrobe while some love playing with colours and bold colours that gives them a sharp, edgy but different look. One thing that would be common amongst the women of these two groups would their fascination with sparkling, clear and precisely cut diamonds. There are waves of thrill a woman experiences when she first wears or spots someone else wearing small diamonds in the form of nose pins or pendants. […]

Just as facial makeup appears flawless via skilful mix-and-match combinations of varied cosmetics, your neck and ears acquire a rare beauty via the elegant combinations of necklace and earrings. Charming diamond of  necklace sets designs are on display at various jewelry stores, including Queen Jewels Inc. You should really peruse them sometime. No one knows the shape of your neck better than you do! True, the length of the average white gold or yellow gold diamond necklace created by skilled artists at Queen’s store, varies between […]

Necklaces look stunning on the necks of women. They add to the feminine allure and elegance of a woman. Gold and silver necklaces have been popular down the ages. Necklaces embellished with precious stones like diamonds and rubies have been prized very much by women, all over the world. From Princess Diana to Elizabeth Taylor, diamond studded necklaces have been popular with women of all backgrounds. Khanna Jewels is one of the top online sites selling diamond jewellery like diamond and gold necklaces. They provide […]

It is indeed great to have a jeweled accessory around the neck, which complements your attire wonderfully. However, you will have to obtain a matching pair of earrings too. The entire charm of your unique adornment will be destroyed, if the color or style of the earrings clash with it. Has it ever crossed your mind that you might avail of jeweled sets comprising of a necklace and earrings? You would be well advised to explore diamond necklace set designs at varied trustworthy jewelers, especially […]

Internet is one of the best things that could happen in the world of technology. There are so many things these days that you can do online starting from paying your bills to even shopping. Catching up with the growing trend of shopping online the sellers are trying to reach out to their target audience by giving them the convenience of shopping from their homes. So much so that one can even buy diamond jewelry online. So, next time you want to surprise your significant […]

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