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Jewellery is a favourite adornment for women. Indian women are particularly fond of necklaces. Necklaces can be made of different metals and precious stones. Diamond and gold necklaces are very popular. Khanna Jewels  is an online store that features excellent collection of diamond necklaces. Necklaces also have cultural significance. Married Indian women need to wear necklaces all the time as necklaces are considered to be sacred adornment that protects the marriage. Gold and diamond necklaces have been worn by women of all religions and ages. […]

Diamond….this is something loved by most of US girls next to the parents. Not all accessories and jewels give the special striking and spectacular look for girls or women. They come in few and diamond necklaces hold the first position in the list. It is the single jewel that comes in the dreams of most of the women in US. We at Queen Jewels being the reputed and loved online diamond store in the country take herculean efforts to bring your dreams to lights. Yes, […]

Jewellery is a universal adornment for women. Without jewellery, women are regarded as incomplete, especially in Indian culture. The most popular accessories for women are necklaces. Necklaces enhance the beauty of women. They also have sacred value. Wearing a sacred necklace called Mangalsutra by women is considered vital for protecting marriage and long life of their husbands. Among necklaces, diamond necklaces are much prized for their sparkle and everlasting value. Diamonds are timeless, eternal, and the king of the jewellery market. Gold and diamond necklaces […]

A necklace is that one ornament which keeps your shining at all occasions with its timelessness. It makes an impact not just on your neck but your overall look. Since time immemorial, the diamond necklaces have been embraced by women; they leave a timeless footprint on you. In previous days, wearing necklace was associated with cultural values, but nowadays, most women wear them as a fashion statement. If you want to buy diamond necklace online, you are at the right place for Indian diamond jewellery. […]

Jewellery is a common adornment for women. An Indian woman in particular is considered incomplete without jewellery. Necklaces enhance the beauty of women. In addition they have cultural and religious significance. Since ancient times, women have been adorning themselves with necklaces as a sacred act. Wearing a necklace with a sacred pendant is considered a must for married women. The complete make up of a woman is considered wasteful if she does not wear a necklace. Necklaces made of gold and diamonds have been worn […]

It is human tendency to focus on the ‘face and neck’ first; examination of your apparel follows later. Therefore, if you are going to grace social functions with an unadorned neck, people are bound to notice. Now, you do not want snide remarks and nasty comments, do you? Keep some necklaces handy for wearing at formal and informal events. Jewelry stores like Queen Jewels Inc. and several others have a wonderful display of diamond necklaces for women. Would you like to look at them? Imagine yourself […]

A diamond necklace is worth a million and which woman doesn’t love it? If you are a fashion maniac then you must own it. We have a wide range of diamond necklaces for women and we are sure you ladies will love them. We at Queen Jewels know how essential jewelry is for you and that’s why we have special boxes too accompanying the pieces. Each ornament has a beauty of its own. Our collection features different types of necklaces that will attract you and […]

A woman’s adornment is incomplete without necklace. Necklaces are these subtle pieces of jewellery which are considered essential for completing one’s look. Diamond necklace for women speaks of luxurious pattern evoking a unique style statement. Close to women’s heart, diamond gels in well with any kind of apparel and is ideal to be worn in any occasion. There are myriad design and patterns available with Khanna Jewels Co. (KJC) that vouch for impeccable quality and a mesmerizing look. Find some of the exquisite collection neatly […]

Necklace is the adornment of a lady. No matter whatever attire one wears, until and unless there is a good piece of necklace to adorn the neck, the entire look is incomplete. With plethora of diamond necklace designs being available in online stores such as the Queens Jewels Inc. one can get a piece as per one’s choice and desire. Some of the latest design patterns which are offered in the present times are as follows: • Diamond necklace with a unique appeal- Diamond necklace […]

People of all genders love experimenting with fashion – some prefer having a simple and comfortable wardrobe while some love playing with colours and bold colours that gives them a sharp, edgy but different look. One thing that would be common amongst the women of these two groups would their fascination with sparkling, clear and precisely cut diamonds. There are waves of thrill a woman experiences when she first wears or spots someone else wearing small diamonds in the form of nose pins or pendants. […]

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