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Diamond strings are magnificent. They are contemporary. There are classy. Diamond string–an eternal string, String necklaces, as most jewelry lovers would be aware of, are also known by the name of tennis necklaces. They give a very timeless look and have been adorned by women since years now. A permanent piece in a jewel box, these necklaces are the glamour quotient women look for, and can be worn to almost any occasion. Be it office or a casual gathering or a party; be ready for […]

Necklace is a common jewel piece which is found in every woman’s jewelry box. An adornment for the neck, necklaces exemplifies the beauty manifold. A simple necklace can give a sultry appeal while a complete set with matching ear piece designs vouches for a glamorous quotient. Whatever, be the case, necklaces undoubtedly create a magic and any adornment is incomplete without this oomph factored jewel. Queens Jewels Inc. offers motley varieties of diamond string necklaces which are difficult to resist. Though necklaces are available in […]

Diamond string necklaces are the stuff of grace and beauty. They are classy, urbane and magnificent. Diamond string necklaces have always been coveted by women down the ages. Also called as tennis necklaces, they add a timeless appeal to the beauty of women. A diamond strings necklace is a must item in the jewelry box of a fashionable woman. A string necklace is a loyal companion to a woman-wherever she goes be it to a party, to her office or to any place where she […]

It is splendid, classy and suave. Our Diamond string necklace is as dazzling as you. Also known as tennis necklace, string necklace is the new trend. They have been admired since years because of their incredible vintage appeal. A string diamond necklace is something that every woman dreams to possess in her collection. The neck pieces we have are encompassed with small diamonds and solitaires in white or yellow gold and also in platinum. At Queen Jewels, we give you the most delicate looking round […]

It does not matter if you are going to a prom night, engagement ceremony, birthday event, office party, or anniversary celebration. It does not matter if you are wearing long gowns or shorter dresses. It does not matter if your neck is slender, thin, long, short, or plump. Diamond String Necklace Designs seem to be customized to suit every individual taste, neck and apparel, as evinced by the collection at Queen Jewels Inc. Now, what exactly is a string necklace? Probably, you are visualizing an […]

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