Classy and Graceful Jewelries for Your Neck

It does not matter if you are going to a prom night, engagement ceremony, birthday event, office party, or anniversary celebration. It does not matter if you are wearing long gowns or shorter dresses. It does not matter if your neck is slender, thin, long, short, or plump. Diamond String Necklace Designs seem to be customized to suit every individual taste, neck and apparel, as evinced by the collection at Queen Jewels Inc.

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Now, what exactly is a string necklace?

  • Probably, you are visualizing an adornment displaying a string of diamonds. Well, you are partially right. The string is created from yellow gold, white gold, or platinum. Small diamonds are arranged in a linear pattern along the string. Alternatively, big solitaires may be used too. The prong setting helps to display these sparkling and dazzling beauties at their best. Since the string of diamonds is designed to look like a round necklace, jewelers call these adornments tennis necklaces too.
  • Even the string carrying the diamonds is literally worth its weight in gold, exhibiting a metal purity ranging between 14 K and 18 K. As for the diamond strings, they are of varying sizes, ranging from five carats to fifty carats.

It helps that these fascinating symbols of purity and grace may be worn everywhere.

  • It is reasonable that you desire to make a fashion statement at your prom night. After all, it feels wonderful to dress up as you please, without any restrictions. We urge you to choose the stunning yellow gold string, wherein the sparkling stones are set in a prong pattern. The very last stone looks like a pendant. Do ensure that the color of your gown or dress serves to highlight the design of the diamond string necklace.
  • White is the symbol of purity and simplicity. On your wedding day, do not forget to grace your neck with this bewitchingly designed string necklace embellished with enchantingly dazzling diamonds. The audience’s eyes will be glued to your neck as you walk down the carpet in your flowing gown.
  • All set to rock at a graduation or birthday party? It does not matter what kind of attire you wear; diamond tennis necklaces may be teamed with anything. Innovative designers have focused on highlighting the fascinating charm of the natural white stones via unique presentations. Even a simple white gold and diamond solitaires combination should suffice to make your “neck” the life and soul of the party.
  • If you have been happily married for several years, it means that you carry stars in your eyes whenever you think of your spouse and family. Make your anniversary event a memorable one by displaying “stars” around your neck too. The design of this string necklace mounted with diamonds is sensationally awesome to behold! You will cherish this piece for life.

It does not matter if you present yourself with a diamond string necklace, or someone else bestows it upon you; diamonds in any form should be loved and treasured.

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