Decorate Your Neck and Ears in a Similar Style

Just as facial makeup appears flawless via skilful mix-and-match combinations of varied cosmetics, your neck and ears acquire a rare beauty via the elegant combinations of necklace and earrings. Charming diamond of  necklace sets designs are on display at various jewelry stores, including Queen Jewels Inc. You should really peruse them sometime.


  • No one knows the shape of your neck better than you do! True, the length of the average white gold or yellow gold diamond necklace created by skilled artists at Queen’s store, varies between 40 cm and 44 cm. However, the classic or contemporary designs are so uniquely complementary to short, long, slender, or stout necks, that you are bound to find something perfectly suited to your personality. That’s not all; you will be able to avail of a matching pair of earrings too, equally stunning and luxurious to behold.
  • All these jeweled accessories are constructed from 14K or 18K yellow gold or white gold, or high-quality silver. As for the white diamonds and colored gemstones used as embellishments, their weights may range between 2 carats and 30 carats. They are responsible for the slimness or chunkiness of your lustrously charming necklace. You are welcome to verify the genuineness of the precious stones used by Queen’s; just examine the certificates accompanying each set of necklace and earrings leisurely.
  • It is not necessary that you must wear these bewitching pieces only at formal events. If you opt for geometric patterns or abstract designs, they are marvelously suited for prom nights, birthday parties, casual outings, etc. Combine them with jeans and T-shirts, skirts and tops, dresses, gowns and the like; you will be a hit wherever you go!
  • On the other hand, if you go in for intricate designs like circles, stars, florets, flowers, and the like, your necklace and earrings set will prove perfect for distinguished social functions. Do not forget to match your attire to your jewelry. It does not matter if you select a traditional yellow gold diamond necklace, a more contemporary white gold diamond necklace, or a perfectly non-conventional black diamond necklace. The addition of colorful gemstones will ensure that you remain the star of the show.
  • Are you feeling apprehensive about the pricing? Do not worry, for Queen’s offers these superb necklace sets at competitive prices. Even if you have just about $1000 in your pocket, you will be able to purchase a bedazzling set for yourself.
  • Actually, you may consult the professional designers at the store and order a customized set. Do be clear about your specifications regarding the kind of metal you want used as the base, diamonds and gemstones, size and design. You may go a step ahead and order a matching finger ring too. This should make you very happy, for it will seem as if you have constructed your jeweled accessories yourself.

Admittedly, your chosen necklace and earrings will send out mesmerizing rays of light with every movement of yours, thanks to the prong setting used by the jeweler.

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