Diamond Choker Necklace for Women – Indian Collection

A necklace is one ornament that keeps you smiling at all occasions. Since ages, diamond necklaces have adorned the neck of women who leave an indelible fashion foot print in their lives.

Wearing a necklace as an accessory has not only cultural value but also makes a big fashion statement. Beautify your personality with diamond and gold necklace- be it, yellow gold, white gold or rose gold.

Diamond jewellery is a universal favourite with women. Khanna Jewels is an online store that features an excellent collection of diamond jewellery like diamond necklaces.

Diamond necklaces are the beloved choice of all women, everywhere. Mesmerize your senses with a lovely piece of diamond necklace from our site. We feature designs that complement the style of contemporary women and enhance the value of their jewellery box. We feature iconic designs which attract the attention of fashionable women out there.

Every diamond necklace in your jewellery box is associated with different emotions. You can buy a breath taking gold choker designs which complements your Lehenga- Choli or silk sari. The necklace may be gifted on the occasion of wedding or anniversary. Diamonds in our jewellery are of perfect cut, vibrant colour, flawless clarity and a range of carats to suit every type of budget.

Types of diamond necklaces at our site include diamond yellow gold necklace, diamond white gold necklace, diamond necklace sets, diamond gemstone necklaces, diamond strings and diamond colliers or chokers.


Diamond gemstone sets make for a great collection. They include matching necklaces, earrings and bracelets. The sparkle of diamonds is combined with the brilliance of rubies, sapphires, emeralds and pearls.

Diamond strings consists of chains like singles ring, double string and multiline string necklaces. They consist of diamond solitaires of same cut and shape strung in a necklace form. You must be careful about quality of diamonds as even a single impure diamond can ruin the entire necklace. But if you are buying from KJ, you can be sure about the quality of diamonds and precious metal. Buy gold choker online India.

Diamond chokers are necklaces that are worn closely hugging the neck of women. They are neck bands worn by the bold and beautiful. At KJ, you can find diamond chokers or colliers of the best design and artistry. Top picks from our site are Diamond Ruby 14k Solid gold Wedding Choker Collier, diamond choker collar necklace and white diamond collar necklace meant for modern girls.

You can get diamond choker necklace sets or colliers custom made according to your taste and budget. The best part is that diamond collier necklaces are available at very reasonable prices.

The secret behind the low prices is simple. We source all our raw material from top mining hubs in the world. This is crafted into fine jewellery at our own factory in Surat. This is sold directly to online customers, avoiding show rooms. Thus we are able to save money on middlemen and these savings are passed on to customers in form of low prices.

Shipping is free in India. We are guided by the credo-“Good Price, good product and good service.”

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