Diamond Gold Necklace Bridal Collection at Lowest Price

Jewellery is a universal adornment for women. Without jewellery, women are regarded as incomplete, especially in Indian culture. The most popular accessories for women are necklaces.

Necklaces enhance the beauty of women. They also have sacred value. Wearing a sacred necklace called Mangalsutra by women is considered vital for protecting marriage and long life of their husbands.

Among necklaces, diamond necklaces are much prized for their sparkle and everlasting value. Diamonds are timeless, eternal, and the king of the jewellery market. Gold and diamond necklaces have been worn by women since ages and of all religions.

Khanna Jewels features an amazing collection of diamond jewellery including diamond necklaces. Our necklaces are notable for their delicate artistry. The necklaces are of innumerable patterns and designs such that you can find pieces that are amazing and which cannot be found anywhere else.

Diamond necklaces designs come in heavy, medium and lightweight. Types of designs include diamond white gold necklaces, diamond yellow gold necklaces, diamond necklace sets, diamond gemstone sets, diamond solitaire string necklaces and diamond colliers and chokers. Also having diamond solitaire necklace designs at affordable price.


Trending Necklace collection at Khanna jewels

Diamond gold necklace sets are a vibrantly colored collection consisting of diamond ruby necklace, diamond pink sapphire necklace, diamond emerald necklace, pearl necklace, blue sapphire necklace, diamond topaz necklace and many others. There may be a combination of gemstones like amethyst, tourmaline, Opal, garnet, Aquamarine, Turquoise, etc.

We feature customized collection of diamond necklaces for brides. Types of women’s gold diamond necklace include women’s black diamond necklace and other diamond necklace designs for wedding.

Diamond solitaire strings are a spectacular collection. They come in single line, double lines and multi lines strings. They feature solitaire diamonds of almost same size and shape strung together in strings. They make for heavy investment because of the large number o diamonds in their make.

As such, one may be wary about the quality of diamonds strung together because a few poor quality diamonds may spoil the entire look of the necklace. But if you are buying multiline or single line necklaces from KJ, you need not harbour any such worries as we sell diamonds of peerless quality with minimum inclusions and blemishes and vibrant colours.

Necklace sets consist of necklaces along with matching earrings and bracelets. They make for ideal gifts for wedding and bridal collection. Our designer range of necklaces sets is sure to make you the queen of your wedding.

Chokers and colliers are necklaces with design of neck hugging gold necklaces studded with numerous diamonds. If you buy from any other store, they might be very expensive. But at KJ, they are available at reasonable prices.

We are able to sell diamond necklaces at unbeatable prices because we follow whole sale- retail prices. We source raw material including diamonds and precious metal from top manufacturing/ mining hubs in the world which we craft into fine jewellery at our factory in Surat, India.

This jewellery is then sold directly to online customers, avoiding showrooms. Thus by avoiding middlemen, we are able to save on cost which we pass on to customers in form of low prices.

Payment is easy, through secure online gateways. Shipping is free in India. We are guided by the credo-“Good price, Good Product and Good service.”

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