Diamond Necklace – It’s all About one-kind-of Fashion Statement

A necklace is an ornament that makes your personality shine like never before. Since ages, women have been leaving indelible fashion footprints by wearing a diamond necklace. Accessorizing with a diamond gemstone necklace not only is a tradition but an immense fashion statement.

Create a flattering look with a diamond encrusted yellow or white gold necklace. Diamonds are loved for their eternal sparkle. Pep up your spirits with a diamond necklace from Jewels queen Impress all around with a stunning diamond necklace chosen from contemporary designs like hip hop jewelry and gold diamond solitaire necklace.

Jewels Queen designs are consistent with the taste and lifestyle of modern women. We have iconic designs, which appeal to the youthful and fashion conscious women out there.

We know how vital is a diamond necklace in your jewelry box and how it can complement any attire from a short party dress to a long evening gown. The fascinating range of diamond necklaces at our site are diamond chokers, Diamond strings, diamond necklace sets and last but not the least, designer diamond gemstone sets.

Diamond gemstone necklaces are simply stunning. They are set in white or yellow gold of 14 k and 18k. They are encrusted with sparkling diamonds and vibrant gemstones. Gemstones include precious ones like sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Semi-precious stones include Tourmaline, Topaz, Amethyst, Opal, Turquoise, Garnet, and Coral, etc.

All gemstone necklaces feature diamonds of perfect Cut, flawless Clarity, vibrant Color and a range of carats. Top picks from our site include Diamond 4.55CT Emerald 14K Gold Necklace as well as Diamond 3.60CT Opal 14K diamond gold necklace.


Khanna jewels also features gemstone necklace sets Designs which consist of gemstone necklaces, gemstone earrings and gemstone bracelets. Example includes diamond 14k gold necklace earrings sets.

Indulge in your fantasies by shopping for Latest diamond gemstone necklaces. They may be in shapes like strings or chokers and feature pendants of the heart shape, circle shape, butterfly shape, etc.

We are proud to present to you a daunting collection of unique diamond gemstone necklaces. Exude radiance while sporting blue and pink sapphire necklaces, brilliant red ruby necklaces and elegant green emeralds etc.

Diamond necklace sets can be designed in consultation with our team of expert craftsmen. You can get unique designs created for bridal and wedding collection.

Another type is Diamond strings. Our collection of gemstone and diamond strings is crafted to complement your personality.

Diamond colliers are simple in design and makes for styling of a different era. They are simple neckbands worn by the bold and beautiful. Make striking fashion statements wearing gemstone and diamond chokers and strings.

The best part about diamond necklaces at our site is the reasonable prices we charge for our jewellery. This is possible as we follow the wholesale- retail route, avoiding middlemen.

We source raw material for jewelry from top mining hubs in the world. This is then crafted into fine jewelry in our own factory and sold directly to online customers, bypassing any showrooms. Cost savings are passed on to customers in form of low prices.

Thus, do some enjoyable shopping with Jewels Queen for the best in diamond gemstone necklaces.

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