Diamond Necklace set for women- Exclusive Diamond Necklaces Collection Online

Jewellery is a common adornment for women. An Indian woman in particular is considered incomplete without jewellery. Necklaces enhance the beauty of women. In addition they have cultural and religious significance.

Since ancient times, women have been adorning themselves with necklaces as a sacred act. Wearing a necklace with a sacred pendant is considered a must for married women. The complete make up of a woman is considered wasteful if she does not wear a necklace. Necklaces made of gold and diamonds have been worn by woman of all religions and cultures in India.

Khanna Jewels creates magic with gold and diamonds especially in form of necklaces. Our exclusive collection of diamond necklaces for women created with amazing designing artistry will surely leave you spellbound.

We have an amazingly huge collection of diamond necklaces, which will surely leave you spoiled for choice. You will find items, which you cannot find anywhere else and at matchless prices. You can find heavy, medium and small designs of diamond necklaces in our complete range with affordable price.

The main designs of diamond necklaces include diamond gemstone necklace, diamond white gold necklace, diamond yellow gold necklace, diamond solitaire necklace, diamond necklace sets as well as diamond colliers and chokers.

We have a bridal collection that is unique and exclusive. You can create designs to suit your taste and budget, in consultation with our team of craftsmen. The major designs of diamond necklace for women are:


• Gemstone necklaces:

For bridal and wedding collection, we present to you a beautiful collection of diamond gemstone necklaces. Items include Topaz necklace, Ruby necklace, Blue Sapphire necklace, Diamond pearl necklace etc. They are stunning due to their brilliant colours and varieties. One example is women’s black diamond necklace.

  • Diamond solitaire Necklace:

Solitaire Necklaces strings in multiline, double line and single line are the latest fashion in jewellery. However before making a huge investment in this type of jewellery, one must be careful about quality of diamonds as a single faulty diamond can ruin the entire necklace. But by shopping with us, you can rest assured that we sell only diamonds of top notch quality and purest gold.

  • Diamond white gold necklace:

The traditional favorites has been yellow gold, but white gold is growing popular by the day

  • Diamond necklace sets:

In this type, diamond necklaces are accompanied by matching earrings and bracelets. This is ideal for bridal and wedding collection. Example is diamond necklace designs for wedding.

  • Diamond colliers and chokers:

They are designs that resemble collars that lie close to your neckline. They are studded with numerous diamonds.

These are some of the major designs of Diamond Tennis Necklace at Khanna Jewels. The best part about Khanna Jewels jewellery is the reasonable price we charge on them. This is possible as we bypass middlemen both while sourcing raw material as well as selling directly to online customers. We manufacture jewellery in our own high end facility in Surat. These cost savings are passed onto customers in form of low prices. In addition, shipping is free in India.

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