Diamond white gold necklaces – Nestling the necks with real beauty

Necklaces……! The real wonder that nestles the necks with real beauty…! Necks are one of the most beautiful parts of your body. It acts as the fantastic bridge that connects top of body with rest. Decorate your neck with something special that gives extra sexual and sensational looks. It is all look that make everyone to love you.

We at Khanna Jewellers really know the jewel dreams of present women and hence bring stunning designs weaved from the dreams. Diamonds have the magical healing power and it stands as the best symbol of love. It is hard to find another jewel that stays so close to your neck spreading your love to surroundings. It is one of the best jewels that perfectly cover your neck to bring that cute and spicy look.

We bring you stunning range in diamond white gold necklaces with different shapes in diamonds and its necklace frame. Diamonds come in amazing designs including heart, princess, oval, nakshatra and more. Necklace frame comes in simple, star, stone embedded and more. Diamond necklaces are also designed with precious stones including ruby, sapphire, emerald and more.


We walk extra distance to assure the best in design and quality for our white gold wedding necklace. Round shape diamond white gold necklace is loved by most of the women who are about to get dressed in wedding gowns. Our collections also include 18k white diamond necklace, diamond 14k solid white gold wedding necklace and more.

Our diamonds are collected from the original sources and we give immense importance to 4Cs; clarity, cut, colour and carat. Our special team of gemmologists and experts make sure that 4cs are maintained to maximum to assure high level qualities. All our white gold wedding necklaces are certified by experts before it reaches our stores.

Imaginations and expectations never end for wedding bride. We really know it and try our level best to wind up their necklace dreams before a big exclamatory mark. With countless customers spreading around the country, we are happy to act as single step solution for jewel dreams of Indian women.

Our experts at KJC try everything possible to bring extra effects to wedding necklaces. We make diamonds necklaces with solo diamond stones and in combination of gemstones. You can also get perfect wedding sets that come with necklaces and matching earrings along with rings. Apart from custom designs, we can also make diamond necklaces and sets as per the specification and requirements of the customers.

We make small to heavy necklaces using diamonds ranging from 0.5 carats to 25 carats. They are made on 14k and 18k gold and the rates surprising starts from just Rs. 50000….! Now it is your time to shop for your special diamond white gold necklaces to make your grand event spectacular.

Our online shop, Khanna Jewels Co, with user-friendly features, makes your shopping really enjoyable. With our fast and safe shipping, we deliver your necklaces right at your doorsteps. For more information, you can call or mail us without any hesitation.

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