Diamonds for a bride of dazzling beauty

People of all genders love experimenting with fashion – some prefer having a simple and comfortable wardrobe while some love playing with colours and bold colours that gives them a sharp, edgy but different look. One thing that would be common amongst the women of these two groups would their fascination with sparkling, clear and precisely cut diamonds. There are waves of thrill a woman experiences when she first wears or spots someone else wearing small diamonds in the form of nose pins or pendants. Imagine the joy they would feel if they were to see an entire necklace studded with diamonds! It would be priceless!

Khanna Jewels has a wide range of necklaces available that would include jewels only in diamonds or mixed with other previous and/or semi-precious stones. In particular, they have fascinating designer diamond necklace sets designed keeping in mind our Indian brides especially. We are all fond of seeing a bride with heavily worked clothes such as saris or gowns. Khanna Jewels have a range of necklaces with matching earrings and finger rings that can also be made to order in both white and yellow gold studded with diamonds and other gemstones. These necklaces are to only enhance the beauty of the bride and not to make a loud statement of wealth. So, choose your necklaces for the bride carefully after considering her physical attributes, her attire for that day and the make-up and other jewels she will be using. Create a stunner of a centrepiece on her throat with diamond necklaces and make her the prefect Indian bride.

The diamonds used to make bridal necklaces can range of anywhere between 2 to 100 carats. Remember, higher the carat of the diamond, higher would be its clarity and value.

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These diamonds are set carefully set in bases of both white and yellow gold as per the client’s requirements. So, for a typical Marathi bride, wearing a sari of dark colours such as magenta or deep green is looking for a necklace to match her nose ring and maang-tika, get her one of the necklaces in traditional yellow to match the sari that would be on her sari. On the other hand, you can use diamonds necklace set in white gold with extremely sensuous white gold necklaces and interspersed with little gems such as emeralds and sapphires that would look brilliant with an Assamese or Christian bride. One can take pick from round shape diamond yellow gold necklace sets and designer diamond cross necklace.

A gemstones’ combination can be achieved by adding stones such as pearls, emeralds and rubies with diamonds. Instead of these stones, Khanna Jewels also had a wide variety of necklaces with semi-precious stones such as garnets, topaz, aquamarines, opals and onyx.

You could opt for traditional necklaces such as one with a round diamond that has been set in a yellow set. On the other hand, you could go for one of those sets solitaire shaped diamonds (those cut in the shapes of a pear.

Khanna Jewels has the widest variety of cut diamonds necklaces that can be paired with other jewellery items such as bangles and nose pins to give you a sheen of stunning beauty. If you are looking for a single strand of diamonds or multiple stands in the form of a choker, Khanna Jewels have them all for you. Match them with small pendants also in diamonds or any other stone and you’ve got yourself a masterpiece.

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