Embrace your diamonds

It is splendid, classy and suave. Our Diamond string necklace is as dazzling as you.

Also known as tennis necklace, string necklace is the new trend. They have been admired since years because of their incredible vintage appeal. A string diamond necklace is something that every woman dreams to possess in her collection. The neck pieces we have are encompassed with small diamonds and solitaires in white or yellow gold and also in platinum.

At Queen Jewels, we give you the most delicate looking round shaped diamond strings for an effortless classy look at affordable prices. If you want to ditch your earrings for an outfit, then pair a string necklace with the gown, or dress. It will make you look effortlessly beautiful.


Our string necklaces are available in round and easy-to-wear diamond gemstone string, gold strings necklace and solitaire strings. The diamond string you will find ranges in different weights set in 14K and 18K gold. If you are looking for a metal colored one, then our white piece remains the all-time showstopper. We have them from size of 5 carat till 50 carat.

Head straight to a party with the beautiful solitaire diamond string necklace and make everyone jealous. Enjoy your special days with wedding jewellery sets we have. They are precisely cut in either prong or pave settings. Our solitaire strings or diamond strings are round cut handled by a professional cross-cutter.

Our wholesale prices are totally at an affordable rate. If you are a passionate diamonds person and you want a shiny metal around your neck, then come to us. Our collection will mesmerize you.

Diamond solitaire string necklaces are popular and trendy these days. Solitaire strings and necklaces can feature three strings, two strings or single string of diamonds. We have single line Solitaire strings in size 7carats till 20.00 carats. The total weight of diamonds in strings can differ from 5 carats to 50 carats. We at Queen Jewels Inc have Solitaire Strings starting as low prices as $2999.

But solitaire string necklaces from our store are reasonable than the other retailers. We operate on a wholesaler- retailer principle. This means we source the diamonds and metals from manufacturing centers all around the world. Then craft them into jewellery in our high end factories.

The jewellery is sold directly to customers avoiding showroom prices. So, next time you feel doubtful about the reasonable prices charged by us, do understand that they come at such a genuine cost with good quality. Also, they are certified and hallmarked for its genuineness. Another bonus at Queen Jewels is that we provide customized designs too. So, if you want a specific set to wear for your wedding, we are always here to help you. Queen Jewels also has an in-house designer collection. Shopping with us is truly convenient and gratifying as the collections you will find here are timeless as diamonds.

We deliver the best prices and quality at your doorstep.

Our motto is to give the customers: “Good Price, Good Service & Good Product.

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