Embrace your own look with Diamond string necklace designs

Necklace is a common jewel piece which is found in every woman’s jewelry box. An adornment for the neck, necklaces exemplifies the beauty manifold. A simple necklace can give a sultry appeal while a complete set with matching ear piece designs vouches for a glamorous quotient. Whatever, be the case, necklaces undoubtedly create a magic and any adornment is incomplete without this oomph factored jewel. Queens Jewels Inc. offers motley varieties of diamond string necklaces which are difficult to resist.

Though necklaces are available in myriad patterns and designs, the most common among them is diamond string necklace. Vouching for an austere and urbane look, strings are quite trendy in appeal. Also commonly known as tennis or journey necklace, it usually consists of series of diamonds splurged to form a rounded pattern diamond string necklace design. Being universal in nature, diamond strings can sport any kind of appeal with ease.

• A traditional look- In order to achieve such kind of look, opt for diamond 14k yellow gold string necklace. With the shiny yellow metal, a traditional appeal of jewelry will able invoked. All the more setting of 14K will look brilliant and give the strings a glamorous look. Diamond stones of same size can be opted to create a symmetrical illusion worthy of admiration


• A contemporary look- To get the ultimate contemporary look, opt for diamond 14k white gold string necklace. White gold is the latest buzz in the market today and pairing it up with diamond helps to achieve a perfect complementing approach. One can go for similar size diamonds or different sizes that increase in a desired pattern.

• Diva Look- For getting the Diva look, apt for cocktail party’s lookout for natural diamond gold necklace/string that embosses an eternal appeal. To add a tinge of flavor, one can go for vibrant hues of precious gemstones such as rubies, emeralds, sapphires, pearls or select semi-precious stones such as topaz, aquamarine, tourmaline and amethyst.

• Classic look- Solitaires are the best way to enhance the classic look that one desires of. Engrave different numbers of solitaires in the chain form to get a unique necklace with a classic touché. While selecting the solitaires, check on the 4C’s- cut, carat, clarity and color to ensure that an ornate ensemble is achieved.

Apart from the various designs available at Queen Jewels Inc., we also offer customized designs which are tailor made as per the whims and desires of the customers. Every care is taken to ensure a brilliantly crafted diamond necklace string which is unique in all ways. All our diamonds are of high quality which comes along with authentic certification from reputed labs. We offer a range of intricate designs at affordable ranges starting from 2999 dollars only, owing to the wholesale-retailer concept. All the customers can also avail a 14 day return back policy in case deemed necessary. Our payment options are quite secure and we ship in the products ensuring all round protection and security. So enjoy the necklace strings and flaunt your own style.

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