Necklaces of Diamond and Gemstones at QJI

An ornament that adorns you and beautifies you on a daily basis is a necklace. Since centuries diamond necklaces have been used as statements of style and status. Accessorizing with diamond necklaces is not only a cultural phenomenon but also a major fashion statement.

Queen Jewels Inc (QJI) is an online store that features an extensive and exclusive collection of diamond jewelry like diamond necklaces. The types of designs at the site include diamond strings, diamond colliers, and diamond gemstone sets.

Diamond gemstone sets at the site are a huge draw. Using various kinds of gemstones from around the world, diamond gemstone jewelry is one of the most popular types of diamond jewelry. The use of gemstone jewelry goes back to the times of the Holy Bible.

The myths and legends of gemstone jewelry go back to the folk tale of the ‘breast plate of Aaron’. The tale includes the story of a spiritual and ceremonial garment that was inlaid with twelve types of gemstones signifying the twelve apostles of Christ.


The greater significance of gemstones in modern times came from the concept of birthstone jewelry evolved in Poland in the 15th century. In the US in the 1900’s, connection of gemstones to birth months emerged. Today, gemstone jewelry is highly popular due its association with prosperity and luck.

Gemstone jewelry was made famous by the glitterati like Elizabeth Taylor and Princess Diana. QJI features an exclusive collection of jewelry made of solitaire gems and they add style and glamour to neutral attire. Gemstones combined with diamonds add a dollop of exuberance. We have diamonds combined with gemstones like pearls, sapphires, rubies and emeralds in necklaces made of yellow and white gold of 14k and 18k.

Diamond gemstone sets consists of diamond gemstone necklaces combined with diamond gemstone earrings, diamond gemstone finger rings and diamond gemstone bracelets. The brilliant diamond gemstone sets are ideal for weddings and bridal collections. Examples include diamond gold emerald necklace earrings set and diamond 14k gold necklace earrings sets.

Diamond gemstone sets are also a popular wear for a day at the club or an evening cocktail party. They can make a great impact on a weekend date. The pave settings of diamonds and gemstones in these sets are imbued with imagination and creativity in the use of rubies, sapphires, emeralds, aquamarine, topaz etc.

Choose from a selection of precious stones of amazingly gorgeous and brilliant cut jewelry that exudes vibrant colors and sophisticated designs. Inspired by the popularity of gemstone jewelry around the world, our gemstone necklace sets include blue sapphire necklace and earrings, ruby necklace and earrings, emerald necklace and earrings and even semiprecious stones collection like Topaz necklace and earrings.

For extra style quotient, browse through our gemstone bracelets to match the gemstone necklaces and earrings. Set the night on fire wearing Blue sapphire or topaz set of necklace, earrings and bracelets.

Queen Jewels is synonymous with high quality with great attention being paid to the 4 C’s in case of diamonds as well as gemstones. The four C’s are Cut, Carat, Clarity and Color. The best quality diamond gemstone sets are available at reasonable prices.

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