Necklaces with Gold and Diamond

Necklaces add to the beauty of women, lying delicately around their slender and swan like throats. Traditionally popular designs of necklaces are made of gold and diamond. India was a land rich with gold and gem stones since ancient times and so a tradition of gold and diamond jewellery has been in since then.

Few accessories worn by women are as arresting and spectacular as a gold and diamond necklace design. Traditional favourite is yellow gold but white gold diamond necklace design is climbing the popularity charts.

Diamond necklaces from Khanna Jewels celebrate the eternity of a diamond. They select the best quality of diamonds so you can shine in them, night or day.

Khanna Jewels is one of the top E-commerce sites marketing diamond jewellery like diamond necklaces. The company offers the opportunity of buying fine jewellery created and sold at reasonable prices.

Khanna Jewels features diamond necklaces to match your dreams and fantasies. They have necklaces with pendants of different designs like diamond heart pendant necklaces, butterfly pendant necklaces, circle diamond pendant necklaces and square diamond pendant necklaces.

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Necklaces are of different types like yellow gold necklaces, white gold necklace, diamond and precious stone necklace, diamond string necklace and collier or choker necklace.

Khanna Jewels provide a unique collection of diamond gem stone necklaces. Diamonds are paired with precious stones like emerald, ruby and sapphire or semi precious stones like garnet, pearl, opal, etc.

Diamond necklace set features diamond necklace paired with diamond ear rings and ddiamond finger rings. Khanna Jewels have a collection of bridal and wedding jewellery made of these sets. The jewellery can be customised according to the taste and requirements of the customer. Thus she will have an exclusive wedding jewellery collection in which she can look dazzling on her big day and many more occasions in the future.

Diamond strings are collection of diamonds fashioned into a string. Since it requires a lot of diamonds, it is usually very expensive. But Khanna Jewels feature diamond string necklaces at reasonable prices. Join the likes of Princess Diana and Elizabeth Taylor with their famous string necklaces.

Diamond colliers are neck bands or chokers worn by the bold and beautiful. There is an exclusive collection of opulent diamond chokers at Khanna Jewels that will help express your personal style.

Gold and diamond necklaces feature precious stones from 0.2 to 5 carats. The gold whether white or yellow comes in 10 k, 14 k and 18 k. Bridal collection can be ordered according to personal style and taste.

Necklaces are certified and hallmarked for quality of precious stones and gold used. Shopping is convenient, easy and risk free. Khanna Jewels have a user friendly interface which features fine and clear pictures of jewellery as well as their prices. It has an attractive returns policy where products can be returned within 15 days of delivery.

Gold and diamond necklaces from Khanna Jewels will be an excellent addition to your jewellery box. You can dazzle everyone, anywhere with this stunning jewellery.

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