Agreed, conventional necklaces are more comfortable than chokers or colliers. However, some kinds of traditional or classic attire may acquire greater aesthetic appeal via the addition of the latter rather than the former. Whenever you are free, just walk into Queen Jewels Inc. or similar jewelry stores, and peruse the diamond choker necklace sets on display there. It is better to refer to this kind of an adornment as collier, instead of choker; the latter gives the impression that the jeweled piece is almost strangling […]

It does not matter if you are going to a prom night, engagement ceremony, birthday event, office party, or anniversary celebration. It does not matter if you are wearing long gowns or shorter dresses. It does not matter if your neck is slender, thin, long, short, or plump. Diamond String Necklace Designs seem to be customized to suit every individual taste, neck and apparel, as evinced by the collection at Queen Jewels Inc. Now, what exactly is a string necklace? Probably, you are visualizing an […]

Even though the relationship of love is minus all the materialistic benefits but gifting someone something as precious as a diamond can give your relationship a paradigm shift. Diamonds are a symbol of love and have been so for many generations. Thanks to the celebrities that glorify their diamonds with stunning designs and styles, it has become one of the most sought after gifts for women. Every woman wants to own this precious stone in at least some form and secretly dreams of being gifted […]

Internet is one of the best things that could happen in the world of technology. There are so many things these days that you can do online starting from paying your bills to even shopping. Catching up with the growing trend of shopping online the sellers are trying to reach out to their target audience by giving them the convenience of shopping from their homes. So much so that one can even buy diamond jewelry online. So, next time you want to surprise your significant […]

How would you feel about yourself if you were to wear flawless makeup, don stunning apparel, and place adornments on diverse areas of your body; but forget to wear a necklace? Since you like to present yourself as ‘the complete woman,’ you would feel appalled at this kind of major negligence. It is human tendency to look at the face and neck first, before noticing the rest of you. Ensure that your neck is never left bare; even simple jewelry will do. Nonetheless, it might […]

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