Sets of Diamond Choker Necklaces for women – Affordable Price

Necklace is the ornament that produces the most personal impact and keeps you happy at all occasions. Diamond necklaces have been eternal favourites- a timeless piece of jewellery. Wearing this accessory has not only cultural value but also a style quotient.

For instance in India, married women have to wear the necklace called as Mangalsutra as per religious tradition. But today even unmarried young women wear necklaces for aesthetic value.

Flatter your appearance with gold and diamond necklaces from Khanna Jewels. The contemporary collection at KJ features the likes of hip hop necklaces and solitaires. It also has antiquated vintage Victorian designs. KJ has an iconic collection of diamond necklaces.

KJC understands how a great diamond necklace adds value to your jewellery box to match a gown or short dress. There are pieces meant to go for all occasions form engagement and weddings to birthdays and anniversaries.

The online collection features the following types of necklaces; diamond necklace, diamond gemstone sets, diamond choker necklace sets, diamond chokers and diamond strings. Each of these types feature excellent cut, near transparent clarity, wide variety of carats and a range of wonderful colours of diamonds, all at reasonable prices.

Indulge in your fantasies and dreams by buying a wonderful diamond choker collar necklace set. This set includes diamond choker necklaces with matching diamond earrings. Diamond chokers evoke memories of a bygone era and are neckbands worn by the rich and the famous. Today, Khanna Jewels make available colliers/ chokers at reasonable prices so many more people are able to afford them.

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Some chokers feature other gemstones with diamonds like diamond ruby 14k Solid gold Wedding Choker/Collier. Other precious stones include sapphires and emeralds. Chokers are available in yellow gold and white gold.

Chokers may range from simple to ornate. The vintage designs feature diamonds along with other gemstones. White diamond collar necklace of modern girl makes for a firm fashion and style statement.

Diamond strings consist of solitaires arranged one after another in a circle. They come in single line, double line and triple lines. As they feature more number of diamonds, they are expensive and have been flaunted by only the rich and famous.

Diamond necklace sets are meant for bridal or wedding collection as they are exclusive and original. They consist of diamond necklaces with matching earrings and bracelets.

Simple diamond necklaces are made of gold and silver chains featuring diamond pendants. Khanna Jewels has a dazzling range of diamond necklaces with pendant made of different designs such as diamond circle pendant, heart shaped diamond pendant necklace, butterfly pendant and diamond circle necklace.

Diamond gemstone sets also include semi precious stones like Amethyst, garnet, aquamarine as well as precious stones like blue and pink sapphires, green and yellow emeralds and red rubies.

Diamond chokers are found at the most reasonable prices. operates on the wholesale-retail principle. It sources all precious raw materials from mining/manufacturing hubs around the world. This is then crafted into jewellery at KJ factories. KJ then sells jewellery directly to the customer without using any showroom.

The lack of showroom costs enables Khanna Jewels  to save money, and these are passed on to the consumer in the form of discounted prices. Hurrah for the reasonable prices at KJC!

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