Shine In Necklaces of Diamond in White Gold

Jewellery is an essential accessory for the adornment of women. Especially in India, a woman is considered incomplete without wearing jewellery like earrings, bracelets or necklaces.

Necklaces in particular enhance the beauty of women and they also have other significance. Married women in India are required to wear necklaces as if for a sacred purpose. Any make up and getting dressed up is regarded as incomplete without a necklace.

Among necklaces, gold and diamond necklaces are the most coveted. They have been worn by women since ancient times and by women of all ages.

Khanna Jewels Co (KJC) is an online store selling wonderful collection of diamond jewellery like diamond necklaces.We create magic with gold and diamonds best exemplified by the exquisite artistry of our craftsmen. If you wear our amazing range of necklaces, you will turn several heads.

The traditional choice of diamond necklaces are ones set in yellow gold. But the modern trend is towards diamond necklaces set in white gold. Diamond white gold necklaces wow everyone with their sparkle and brilliance.

On offer is not a small range but a wide collection of many designs and patterns so that our customers can find something new and something which you will not get in any other store. The site features lightweight, heavy and medium designs in our complete range of jewellery.

Especially for brides, we have an excellent collection of diamond white gold necklaces in 14k and 18k. The range starts from Rs 50,000. These include 18k white gold diamond necklace and diamond 14k solid white gold wedding necklace.

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The bridal collection can be made to order and our designers will craft jewellery as per your requirement. You can order sets of necklaces and earrings.

Types of white gold necklaces consist of diamond solitaire necklace, collinear necklace, and string necklaces, small and heavy necklaces. Collection includes plain diamond necklaces as well as a combination of diamonds and precious stones.

The diamonds in the necklace come in different cuts like round shape diamond white gold necklace. The other cuts include princess cut, round cut, pear cut and cushion cut.

Necklaces in white gold and gemstones are gold and pearl diamond necklace, sapphire and gold diamond necklace, ruby and gold necklace and emerald and gold necklace.

Solitaire necklaces in single line, double line and multi line are the latest rage. But before buying the solitaire white gold diamond earrings, one has to be careful and think many times as poor quality diamonds can ruin everything.

KJC prides on being the supplier of high quality diamonds, gold and precious stones. We source these from the finest manufacturing hubs in the world. This is then crafted to fine jewellery in our very own factories.

This jewellery is sold directly to online customers and avoids hidden charges by avoiding middlemen and show room costs. Thus, Khanna Jewellers sells its diamond jewellery at very reasonable rates. So a woman of small means can also afford to buy lovely diamond and white gold necklaces.

Shopping with us is risk free and convenient. From the comfort of your home, you can browse through the jewellery collection displayed in neat categories. Fill your virtual shopping cart and make payment.

So, for the best diamond white gold necklaces at the best prices; go in for the collection at!

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