Shine In White Gold Diamond Necklaces – Trendy Collection

Pendants and necklaces are common adornment for women. They make the neck of women look graceful and elegant. Some necklaces have cultural value. Thus, bare necks of women are regarded as inauspicious and unfashionable.

Indian women in particular have to wear special sacred pendants and necklaces called as Mangalsutras as a symbol of marital status. It is an ornament tied by groom around bride’s neck in a Hindu wedding ceremony. Propitiating the Goddess of marriage Parvati, these pendants and necklaces are required to be worn by married women on a daily basis for the success of their marriage.

Diamond necklaces and pendants are the stuff of women’s dreams. Diamond gold necklaces have been worn by women all over the world and of all religions, since ages.

Khanna Jewels Co (KJC) is an online store selling exclusive collection of diamond jewellery including diamond necklaces. We understand the dreams and aspirations of women for beautifully crafted diamond necklaces.

The simplest designs are of white gold and yellow gold necklaces. They feature diamonds encrusted on white and yellow gold of 14k and 18k. They are ideal gifts for weddings and anniversaries. Top picks include Natural Diamond 14k Solid Gold Wedding Necklace and Diamond 14k White Gold Anniversary Necklace.

Diamond white gold necklaces are particularly stunning. They come in different designs like diamond gemstone necklaces, collier necklace and string necklace. Necklace designs vary from lightweight to heavy.


The shimmer of white gold and the sparkle of diamonds are combined with the brilliance of elegant green and gold emeralds, shiny red rubies and gorgeous blue and pink sapphires. They may even feature semi-precious stones like Tourmaline, Amethyst, Opal, Aquamarine, Topaz, Garnet, Coral, etc which make a colourful collection. They are ideal gifts for weddings and anniversaries. Example is Diamond Tourmaline 14k Gold Anniversary Necklace.

The white gold, diamond and precious stone sets feature diamond necklaces with diamond earrings and diamond bracelets. They are ideal for bridal and wedding collection. Our craftsmen also create bespoke designs of necklaces according to your taste and requirements. Earrings of matching designs can be made to order.

String necklaces feature diamond solitaires arranged one after the other in a string set in white gold. They may have single, double or multiple strings.

Collier or choker of white gold and diamonds are like a collar or neck band that hugs the neck tightly. They are usually very wide and feature diamonds set in different patterns along its width.

String necklaces and chokers are usually expensive as they feature a large number of diamonds. But KJ charges reasonable rates on these. Rates start from Rs 50,000 onwards.

This we do because we operate on wholesale-retail principle. Precious metals and diamonds are sourced from the top manufacturing hubs in the world and crafted into jewellery in our own factory. This is sold directly to online customers by passing middlemen. Thus, we save money on costs like show room costs and charge low rates on our jewellery.

Also when one wants to invest in heavy diamond jewellery like diamond pendant necklace white gold, one may be worried about the quality of diamonds. But you need not worry as Khanna Jewellers features diamonds of top-notch quality.

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