Splendid Collection of Diamond Necklaces for Women

Jewellery is a favourite adornment for women. Indian women are particularly fond of necklaces. Necklaces can be made of different metals and precious stones.

Diamond and gold necklaces are very popular. Khanna Jewels  is an online store that features excellent collection of diamond necklaces.

Necklaces also have cultural significance. Married Indian women need to wear necklaces all the time as necklaces are considered to be sacred adornment that protects the marriage. Gold and diamond necklaces have been worn by women of all religions and ages.

KJ has a collection of diamond necklaces for women, which have been crafted with great artistry and creativity. Our beautiful collection will surely make heads turn and invite envy. We have innumerable patterns and designs and you will find items which you cannot find anywhere else in the world.

You can find light weight, heavy and medium weight necklaces in our collection. Main types of designs include diamond white gold necklaces, diamond yellow gold necklaces, diamond gemstone sets, diamond necklace sets, diamond solitaire strings and diamond colliers and chokers.

Diamond necklaces in plain gold (white and yellow) of 14k and 18k provide a sober and subtle look to your personality. They suit all occasions like weddings, birthdays and festivals. Example is Natural Diamond 14k Solid Yellow Gold Wedding Necklace.


Diamonds in the necklaces at Khanna Jewels are made of perfect cut, high clarity, and a range of colours and carats. For instance, diamonds may be white, yellow or black and come in carats ranging from 2 carats to 50 carats.

Diamond and gemstone sets are a much coveted range of products. The brilliance of diamonds is enhanced by the sparkle of pink and blue sapphires, green and gold emeralds, and red rubies. In others, semi-precious stones add to the allure- Tourmaline, Amethyst, Garnet, Aquamarine, Coral, Turquoise, Opal, Topaz, etc.

These diamond and gemstone necklaces are ideal for bridal and wedding collection. They can also be presented on wedding anniversaries. Example is Diamond Tourmaline 14k Gold Anniversary Necklace.

Diamond and gemstone sets or diamond necklace sets consist of necklaces paired with earrings and bracelets. This is much wanted in the jewellery collection of Indian brides. Designs can be made to order by consulting with our expert team of craftsmen.

Diamond solitaire strings are particularly spectacular. The come in one-line, two-line or multi-line strings of diamonds. When you invest in such an expensive design of necklace, you may be extremely wary of the quality of diamonds. But, if you shop at KJ, you need not harbour any such worry as we sell diamonds of only top notch quality.

Diamond chokers and colliers are also made of neck bands featuring a large number of diamonds. It can be usually afforded by only the rich and famous but KJ makes them available at reasonable rates.

This we do through our wholesale-retail policy. We source diamonds and precious metal from top manufacturing hubs in the world and craft it into jewellery in our own high end facilities. This is sold directly to online customers, avoiding middlemen and excessive costs like show room costs.

Thus, shop from Khannajewels.com for peerless quality, exquisite designs and matchless prices of jewellery.

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