Stun Everyone with Diamond White Gold Necklace

A necklace is an ornament that keeps you smiling every day. Since ancient times, women have been leaving indelible fashion footprints every whereby adorning themselves with beautiful diamond necklaces set.

Accessorizing with diamond necklaces jewellery is not only a remarkable fashion statement but also has religious and cultural value. In India, it is considered profane when women, particularly married ones, do not wear a necklace. Enhance your personality with a gold and diamond necklace that will win you much admiration.

Diamonds are loved by women everywhere and a gold and diamond necklace is a universal favourite. Shop from Khanna Jewels, one of the oldest jewellery store selling online for an exclusive collection of diamond necklaces for women. Impress everyone with new designs like diamond solitaires and hip hop jewellery.

We have designs that suit the closet of the modern woman and iconic models that will fulfil their fantasies. We understand how valuable is your jewellery box and how it is incomplete without a dazzling piece of diamond necklace.

A diamond necklace can complement your attire: casual or formal. It suits a short summer dress or a silk Kanjeevaram saree, both with great aplomb. Our diamond necklace collection consist of major designs like white gold necklaces, diamond solitaire strings, diamond colliers and chokers, diamond gemstone necklaces and diamond yellow gold necklaces.

Yellow gold is the traditional favourite but white gold is gaining in popularity nowadays. Diamond cut white gold necklace surely enhances your allure and appeal. Diamond necklace white gold chain is loved by all fashion conscious women.

Diamonds in white gold necklace may feature a variety of colours, flawless clarity, perfect cut and a range of carats. Examples are black diamond white gold necklace and diamond solitaire white gold necklace.

 diamond cut white gold necklace

Designer diamond necklace is adored by women, especially designs featuring combination of diamond and gemstones. Diamond white gold necklace can be found in collier or string design. They may be heavy or small necklaces and set in white gold of 14k or 18k.

Another popular item is a white gold necklace set. This has white gold diamond necklace in combination with white gold diamond earrings and white gold diamond bracelet.

The best part is the economical pricing at KJC. You can find diamond and white gold necklaces starting from Rs 50,000. You can also get designs custom made according to your budget and taste in consultation with our expert craftsmen.

We are able to charge low prices as we operate on wholesale-retail principle by avoiding middlemen. We source precious raw material from top mining hubs in the world and create jewellery in our factory in Surat. This we sell directly to online customers, bypassing show rooms. Cost savings thus garnered are passed onto customers in form of low prices.

Shopping with khanna jewels is simple as we have an easy user interface as well as a team of craftsmen to guide you. Payments can be made via secure online gateways and all you personal information is kept confidential and never shared with a third party. Shipping is free in India with affordable price compare then others visit now.

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