Stunning Diamond necklace design sets

Necklace set has always been in demand as a must have jewelry in a women’s treasure box. Adding an angle of luxury to it, diamond studded necklaces create the perfect aura apt to be worn on occasions such as weddings. Queens Jewels Inc. offers umpteen designer diamond necklace sets in myriad patterns and designs. From sultry pieces to bold statement chunks, every type can be found in our collection. We delve with diamond 14k gold necklace earrings sets certified from reputed labs ensuring that quality standards are maintained and a proper handcrafted diamond stone is levied to the users.

Diamond necklace sets usually come along with pair of earrings that have a matching style to complete the look. One can don a surreal appeal with the help of diamond necklace sets or can get a sophisticated bold look with the gemstone studded diamond sets. Diamond necklace can be weaved on yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum. Settings in 14K and 18K are available with Queen’s collection offering amazing design pieces. Here are certain suggestions for necklace set designs which are sure to allure your mind:

• Rounded Necklace- A natural beauty is invoked by the simple yet elegant round necklace design pattern. Studded with diamonds throughout the circumference like a tennis chain, or containing an assortment of diamond with precious hued gemstones, round necklace gels in well with any kind of outfit and is good to go for all occasions. Ear pieces with similar round patterns or rounded studs form the perfect matching set. The diverse nature of round sets makes it ideal to be worn with formal as well as casual wear alike.


• Triangle shaped necklace- Want a variation in the tradition round form of necklace? Go for triangle shaped diamond necklace. With a protruding pattern, which seems like that of a pendant, triangle diamond 14k gold wedding necklace set is a feast for the eyes. Teamed up with tear drop type danglers, the set creates a gorgeous overall appeal.

• Entangled form- Abstract is the new buzz word in the fashion world. So keeping in tone with the latest trends, entangled form of necklace is a good option for adornment. Casted in yellow or white gold, entangled form looks ravishing creating a style statement of its own. Similar patterned ear pieces can be paired to complete the look.

• Colliers- Short length diamond necklaces which extend from the brim of the neck to the collar bone are known as colliers. They are ideal jewel sets for wedding and anniversary occasions. Speaking royalty in its every niche, it creates a bold statement. For a vibrant appeal, gel in gemstones.

Queens Jewels offers diamond necklace sets ranging from mere 1 carat to whopping 30 carats. Option of customization helps to select the apt kind of diamonds along with gemstones as per the wish and desire of the person. All our diamonds are authentic and come along with a certification approved from reputed laboratories. So select your diamond necklace design today and get a look that you are worth deserving.

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