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Jewellery is a universal adornment for women. Jewellery is considered to make a woman complete, especially in Indian culture. Necklaces not only enhance the beauty of women but also have sacred value. For example, in India, a woman, especially a married one is considered to do a sacred act to wear a necklace. The total adornment of a woman is considered a waste if she is not wearing a necklace. Necklaces made of gold and diamonds have been worn by women of all religions since […]

Diamond strings are magnificent. They are contemporary. There are classy. Diamond string–an eternal string, String necklaces, as most jewelry lovers would be aware of, are also known by the name of tennis necklaces. They give a very timeless look and have been adorned by women since years now. A permanent piece in a jewel box, these necklaces are the glamour quotient women look for, and can be worn to almost any occasion. Be it office or a casual gathering or a party; be ready for […]

Women and jewellery are two terms which have totally different meanings yet are used together so often. In a few subcontinent countries, jewellery has cultural significance as well. A woman, they say, must wear Diamond Necklaces jewellery without which she is incomplete. Not only does a necklace enhances a woman’s beauty but also gives her a distinct style statement. The adorning of a necklace changes your entire look, specifically when you are wearing a gown or long dress. Women of all ages wear gold and […]

A necklace is an ornament that keeps you smiling every day. Since ancient times, women have been leaving indelible fashion footprints every whereby adorning themselves with beautiful diamond necklaces set. Accessorizing with diamond necklaces jewellery is not only a remarkable fashion statement but also has religious and cultural value. In India, it is considered profane when women, particularly married ones, do not wear a necklace. Enhance your personality with a gold and diamond necklace that will win you much admiration. Diamonds are loved by women […]

A necklace is an ornament loved by women since ages. Women have been leaving indelible fashion footprints by wearing beautiful necklaces. Decking up in a necklace is not only culturally significant but also an immense fashion statement. Diamond necklaces are the most loved types of necklaces. Diamonds are eternal and diamond necklaces can be used to communicate timeless love. Queen Jewels Inc (QJI) is an online store that retails fine diamond jewelry like diamond necklace for women. Enhance your sense of style by wearing a […]

A woman’s adornment is incomplete without necklace. Necklaces are these subtle pieces of jewellery which are considered essential for completing one’s look. Diamond necklace for women speaks of luxurious pattern evoking a unique style statement. Close to women’s heart, diamond gels in well with any kind of apparel and is ideal to be worn in any occasion. There are myriad design and patterns available with Khanna Jewels Co. (KJC) that vouch for impeccable quality and a mesmerizing look. Find some of the exquisite collection neatly […]

Stand in front of your mirror. Ask yourself how your neck looks in the absence of any kind of jewelry. The answer is, “plain and unattractive.” Now, place an ordinary necklace around your neck. Does it make a difference? Of course, it does; your neck looks much better now! You may imagine the impact you will make on others if you replace this ordinary necklace with a diamond necklace for women procured from a reputed jeweler like Queen Jewels Inc. or others. Queen’s store offers […]

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