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Diamond Jewellery is an essential adornment for women since ages. Especially in India, a woman is considered incomplete without Jewellery. Necklaces add to the beauty of a woman and necklaces also have cultural significance. Wearing a necklace is regarded as a sacred act, especially for married women. The entire adornment of a woman is regarded as a waste without wearing a necklace. Gold and diamond necklaces are worn by women of all ages, since ancient times. Buy diamond gold necklace online. Khanna Jewels are involved […]

Jewellery is a universal adornment for women. Jewellery is considered to make a woman complete, especially in Indian culture. Necklaces not only enhance the beauty of women but also have sacred value. For example, in India, a woman, especially a married one is considered to do a sacred act to wear a necklace. The total adornment of a woman is considered a waste if she is not wearing a necklace. Necklaces made of gold and diamonds have been worn by women of all religions since […]

A necklace is an ornament that keeps you smiling every day. Since ancient times, women have been leaving indelible fashion footprints every whereby adorning themselves with beautiful diamond necklaces set. Accessorizing with diamond necklaces jewellery is not only a remarkable fashion statement but also has religious and cultural value. In India, it is considered profane when women, particularly married ones, do not wear a necklace. Enhance your personality with a gold and diamond necklace that will win you much admiration. Diamonds are loved by women […]

A beautiful diamond while gold necklace will razzle dazzle around your neck and bring a spark on your face. In India, women love flaunting their necklaces. And what better than a diamond white gold necklace can be to flaunt? This lovely trend has been since ages now and it never gets old. With different, fun and quirky patterns coming out every day, you have to keep changing with the trends and try on new things. At Khanna Jewellers you can choose any type of necklace […]

Jewellery is an essential accessory for the adornment of women. Especially in India, a woman is considered incomplete without wearing jewellery like earrings, bracelets or necklaces. Necklaces in particular enhance the beauty of women and they also have other significance. Married women in India are required to wear necklaces as if for a sacred purpose. Any make up and getting dressed up is regarded as incomplete without a necklace. Among necklaces, gold and diamond necklaces are the most coveted. They have been worn by women […]

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