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Pendants and necklaces are common adornment for women. They make the neck of women look graceful and elegant. Some necklaces have cultural value. Thus, bare necks of women are regarded as inauspicious and unfashionable. Indian women in particular have to wear special sacred pendants and necklaces called as Mangalsutras as a symbol of marital status. It is an ornament tied by groom around bride’s neck in a Hindu wedding ceremony. Propitiating the Goddess of marriage Parvati, these pendants and necklaces are required to be worn […]

Necklaces……! The real wonder that nestles the necks with real beauty…! Necks are one of the most beautiful parts of your body. It acts as the fantastic bridge that connects top of body with rest. Decorate your neck with something special that gives extra sexual and sensational looks. It is all look that make everyone to love you. We at Khanna Jewellers really know the jewel dreams of present women and hence bring stunning designs weaved from the dreams. Diamonds have the magical healing power […]

Diamond necklaces shimmering around the neck give an extra dimension to women’s beauty. Gold, silver and gemstones go into the making of the traditional Indian necklaces. Rich in gold and gemstones from antiquity, India nurtures a vibrant custom of gold and diamond jewellery. Among the jewellery adorned by Indian women, the most spectacular is the gold and diamond necklace. The yellow gold-diamond combination is the traditional favourite but diamond white gold necklaces are gradually and surely climbing the popularity charts. Khanna Jewels Co (KJC) presents […]

One ornament that makes a great impact on the style statement of a woman is a diamond necklace. Nothing better to blow everyone away than a gold necklace with a diamond pendant! Traditionally, diamond pendants paired with yellow gold ruled the day. But nowadays, diamond pendants with white gold necklaces are fast growing popular. Wearing a gorgeous diamond pendant necklace in white gold will electrify everyone. Khanna Jewels showcases a big collection of diamond pendant necklaces in white gold. There is a selection of diamond […]

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