The incredible diamond necklace

A beautiful diamond while gold necklace will razzle dazzle around your neck and bring a spark on your face. In India, women love flaunting their necklaces. And what better than a diamond white gold necklace can be to flaunt? This lovely trend has been since ages now and it never gets old. With different, fun and quirky patterns coming out every day, you have to keep changing with the trends and try on new things.

At Khanna Jewellers you can choose any type of necklace you would like to wear. Check out what all KJC has in store for you…

• Diamond cut white gold necklace: This bold and beautiful necklace in diamond cut with white gold base has different outlines. It goes well with almost every outfit. You can pair it up with causals and evening dresses too.

• Diamond necklace white gold chain: This basic necklace is a precious one. We guess every woman owns one of these and if you don’t, buy it from us. The 14K and 18K necklaces are starting from Rs.50,000/- only!

• Black diamond white gold necklace: A black diamond is like a legacy. This startling and marvellous stone is for keeps. So buy this from us at a reasonable rate and show it off and steal the limelight.


• Diamond solitaire white gold necklace: A solitaire can bring radiance and brighten your attire. Made with white gold base, this diamond necklace is too pretty to not buy.

• Gemstones: Necklaces at Khanna Jewels Co. are available in diamonds, combination of diamond and gemstones and in white gold base metals too. Select from plenty of coloured stones. If you know your lucky stone, then purchase it for good luck in life. You can specify your requirements and they will be done.

• Types: Strings, collinear, small and heavy, pick your preference and something that you think will be for the long run and useful in future. We are here to provide you with options.

• Sets: Alongside individual necklaces, we also sell some appealing and attractive sets. You can order for earrings and rings that match with the necklace and make a proper jewellery set. Like this, you can wear the proper ensemble matched with your apparels for respective events. Make jaw drops and leave everyone stunned with your new improved attractive style. So what are you waiting for? Get your diamond set right away from Khanna Jewellers.

While you are at it, keep browsing until you find a suitable price range. Our easy website will guide you through and help you. We do not add extra showroom or store charges. The raw materials directly come to us and are manufactured by creative and jewellery experts. Claim your certificate when buying any jewels. All our jewelleries are hallmarked. With free delivery options and a crew of advisors, it is simple to shop at Khanna Jewels Co. Our principle is to give our consumers the best prices, greatest services and high end products.

So take the privilege of buying top notch necklaces at KJC.

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