The Latest Creations in Neck Adornments

It does not matter if you are from the East or the West; a ‘neck’ that is encircled by a charming adornment acquires a rare beauty that is hard to beat. In fact, this attraction even becomes reflected on your face. Onlookers are bound to be impressed. Bearing this in mind, take some time to browse the array of diamond necklace designs on display at Queen Jewels Inc. and other equally reputed stores. They are arranged in five categories.


  • Unique Diamond Necklaces: You may prefer simple elegance, ornate exhibition, timeless beauty, or fashion statement; there is something for every kind of mindset. Using genuine 14K white gold or yellow gold as the base metal, talented designers have come up with intriguing creations that tend to attract people as magnets do. The basic cuts, such as round cuts, pear cuts and princess cuts, along with the final polish, suffice to highlight the luster of each precious stone to the maximum extent possible. You may opt for anything between five carats to 50 carats, that is, small pointers to larger solitaires. Your neck will gleam, shimmer and shine as you circulate amongst a crowd of people at any formal or informal event.
  • Diamond Necklace Sets: Make a grand entrance at a social function, sporting delicate gold-and-diamond flowers, stars, teardrops, pears, circles, squares, rectangles, ovals, etc., around your neck and from your earlobes, and observe the admiration on people’s faces. Now, if you are gearing up for your own wedding ceremony, you may be well advised to request for a customized mix-and-match combination. For instance, there are several diamond necklace designs for wedding celebrations, as well as pendant chains on offer. Just add the perfect bracelet and ring, and you are through. The pricing begins from $999, and moves upward in alignment with your customized requests.
  • Diamond Gemstone Sets: Undoubtedly, solitaire diamond necklace designs are bewitching to behold. However, the patterns acquire greater charm when embellished with gemstones. After all, colors signify a tremendous joy of life. You cannot be anything but happy when you are participating in your bridal ceremony or a long-awaited social function. Since the designs range from the traditional to the contemporary, you may even wear them at casual dates, club events, or cocktail parties.
  • Diamond Strings or Tennis Necklaces: Wear round strings fashioned from gold, diamonds, or gemstones. The weight of the metal used ranges from 14K to 18K. If your neck is thin or slender, you may be satisfied with uncut diamond necklace designs displaying five-carat stones. Alternatively, if your neck is plumper, you may love to sport chunkier patterns having 50-carat stones.
  • Diamond Colliers: Also known as chokers, they encircle your neck lovingly from collarbone to collarbone. Although shorter in length than a normal necklace, they are equally fantabulous adornments. They are indeed the best accompaniments for long, flowing gowns.

Thus, regardless of whatever you wear, people in the immediate vicinity will be mesmerized by the enrapturing radiance that seems to surround your entire face

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