Unique designs of Diamond necklaces

Necklaces adorn the neck in the most magnificent manner. Epitomizing feminism in a regal manner, necklaces are a part and parcel of every jewel piece. Diamond necklaces further enhance its glory and glamour. Range of options in terms of designs and patterns are available at reputed store Queens Jewels Inc.


  • Diamond Necklaces- Huge varieties of diamond necklaces create a scintillating effect. Diamond necklaces symbolize timeless beauty which adorn the neck in a the most sophisticated manner. Patterns such as Y shaped solitaire studs and diamond heart pendant necklace patterns are some of the popular designs which are quite popular. Different shapes of diamonds are available such as round, oval, square, pave and pear shaped which enhance its beauty manifold. Our exquisite range of polished diamonds creates an illuminating effect which is simply stunning paving path for unique diamond necklaces.
  • Diamond Necklace Sets- Sets define a complete aura which surrounds one in a surreal manner. Diamond Necklace sets invoke a completeness that is looked for in special occasions such as marriages, wedding ceremonies and parties. Diamonds sets usually comprise of necklace along with the matching earrings for a surreal look. All types of sets are available, from plain and elegant sets which are about 1 or 2 carats to heavy sophisticated ones studded with gemstones ranging up to 30 carats. Some of the unique designs comprise of butterfly necklace and other shapes such as the diamond circle pendant.
  • Diamond gemstone sets- Gems have a different meaning for every individual. For some, it is the mark of birthstone, a sign of religious significance or plain simple elegance of charm. Whatever, may be the case, diamond gemstone sets looks marvelous on any kind of outfit. Hued gemstones can be worn on special occasions matching with the shade of the attire. Choice of gemstones is many such as ruby, topaz, amethyst, tourmaline, opal, sapphires and aquamarine. Choose the one that suits your personality and create a fashion statement of your own.
  • Diamond strings- Popularly known as tennis strings, these jewel pieces are a classic example of sultry necklaces since these can be worn on casual occasions as well as party wear alike. Cut nicely in prong or pave settings, diamond strings have a flaring subtle beauty. Strings casted in yellow gold, white gold or platinum looks stunning and are considered to be a marvel piece. With round shaped diamonds embedded in the string like pattern, diamond strings are one of the classic pieces which are a must in every jewel box.
  • Diamond chokers- Also known as colliers, diamond chokers adorn the neck from collar bone to chin. Symbolizing a royal appeal, diamond chokers are known for their intricate work patterns and royal heaviness. Different designs are available in choker patterns that gel in well on traditional occasions.

Diamonds levy a look which is simply mesmerizing. Be it heart shaped diamond pendant or circle diamond necklace, each piece has a unique charm of its own. Having a luxurious appeal, diamonds bedazzle one’s look with ease.

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