White Gold Necklace with Diamond Pendant

One ornament that makes a great impact on the style statement of a woman is a diamond necklace. Nothing better to blow everyone away than a gold necklace with a diamond pendant! Traditionally, diamond pendants paired with yellow gold ruled the day. But nowadays, diamond pendants with white gold necklaces are fast growing popular.

Wearing a gorgeous diamond pendant necklace in white gold will electrify everyone. Khanna Jewels showcases a big collection of diamond pendant necklaces in white gold. There is a selection of diamond pendants white gold necklaces to suit every budget and taste.

Diamonds in the pendants maybe of different shapes. There are diamond circle pendant necklace of white gold and square diamond pendant necklace of white gold. Diamonds in the necklace may be distinguished by their cuts: round cut, princess cut, oval, heart, or pear shaped.


White gold necklaces with diamond pendants suit the lifestyle of every woman. Diamond pendant necklaces may be classic solitaire jewellery or even contemporary hip hop jewellery. Your jewellery box will be incomplete without a piece of diamond jewellery that can match an elegant gown or a short little black dress.

You may be preparing to dress up for the D-day- an engagement, wedding or anniversary. Wearing a diamond pendant set in white gold will look classy and elegant. Khanna Jewels has a diamond necklace collection in styles like diamond necklace set, diamond strings set, diamond gemstone sets and diamond Collier set.

Diamond necklace set with pendant set in white gold is particularly liked by women. Diamond pendants have sophisticated and intricate cut, flawless clarity, classic carats and vibrant colours. The best part is that such high quality diamond pendants are available at reasonable prices.

Pendants for white gold necklaces come in not only pure diamond sets, but also in combinations of diamond with precious stones. Thus, Khanna Jewels feature sapphire and diamond pendants, ruby and diamond pendants, emerald and diamond pendants, pearl and diamond pendants, opal and diamond pendants, garnet and diamond pendants and many more.

These precious stones look extra brilliant when set in white gold necklaces. White gold necklaces come in different types: small necklaces, heavy necklaces, collier necklaces and string necklaces. White gold comes in 14k to 18k. Cost of necklaces begins from Rs 50,000 onwards.

Another excellent aspect of Khanna Jewels is the facility for bespoke designs. You can get custom-designed gold necklaces with diamond pendants. This is especially valuable for bridal jewellery where every woman wants an exclusive collection for her big day.

Khanna Jewels also features necklace sets made of white gold necklaces with earrings and rings. These may be fashioned to match the specific requirements of the customer.

Shopping with Khanna Jewels is convenient and risk free. You can shop from home, anytime, anyplace using a simple user interface. For safety, all jewellery pieces are certified and hallmarked. They have a user-friendly return policy that makes shopping with them very attractive.

The certification of gold and precious stones inspires the confidence of customers. Khanna Jewels is a trusted brand in diamond jewellery.

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